Employee recognition is key to keeping your employees well adjusted and happy.  Providing a Health Fair for your employees not only says you care, but it also provides them with essential information so they can take charge of their own wellness.


A health fair is a gathering of health and wellness care providers who do brief consults and education regarding your employee health.  It is a fun, interactive event.

We custom-design the event according to your company’s demographics and health insurance network.  The size of the event is dictated by the space you have available.  A typical event is 2 hours. 

Some of the advantages Found Wellness provides to make your event fun and easy for you include:

  • A Found Wellness on-site coordinator to run your event  
  • Raffle game so you can give out prizes to attending employees
  • Chair massages to pamper your employees
  • Food
  • Customized promo flyer with your logo, so you can advertise your event to your employees

Onsite event visits by our experts provide fun and useful health-related assessments, tips and services, products, including:

Foot Care - Cosmetic and Medical
Body Mass Index Checks
Blood Pressure Analysis
Ergonomic Consultation
Massage and Spa Services
Skin Cancer Prevention
Weight Loss
Sports and Exercise
Dental Screenings
Customized Cosmetics
Vision Care
Natural foods and products
(All topics are not guaranteed for all events - Exhibitors are scheduled per their availability on the event date).